How to Use a Farberware Can Opener and Why You Should Invest in One

How to Use a Farberware Can Opener and Why You Should Invest in One
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When you go to the kitchenware area of the department store or visit online stores that sell such, you would realize that there are many different types of can openers; some, you might not even be aware of. Learning how to use a can opener may seem very easy, but since they have sharp parts, the process becomes a little complicated.

With that said, the easiest way to learn how to open a can with a can opener is by using and learning how to use a Farberware can opener. These can openers are unique and are marketed as amongst the most durable can openers today.

The Farberware Can Opener

Farberware can openers often feature a large knob which is easy to turn, a chrome head, and a soft but non-slip handle. The other side of the unit usually has a bottle opener installed, and the whole unit can be placed in the dishwasher.

Apart from chrome, many of these units are crafted from heavy-duty metals that is why they have a long lifespan and can frequently be used. Of course, that will also be dependent if you know how to use a Farberware can opener.

How to Use a Farberware Can Opener and Why You Should Invest in One 1

Who Can Use It?

The issue with most can openers is that the blade protrudes on the outside of the can opener. With the Farberware, there is a tiny blade where it presses into the side of the can right above the lid. Hence, you won’t risk the chance of accidentally cutting yourself on the exterior blade.

So, if you are an adult or young adult who has a fear of slicing your finger or know someone with shaky hands, then this can be handy. Also, seniors or elderlies can safely use this type of can opener. If you’re also someone who use can openers every single day and looking for a manual can opener that can open any size of a can, then this can opener is likely designed for you.

Although it has such a safe design, this is still not recommended to children because there is always the chance of them placing their finger in between the short stubby blade and the can. Likewise, it does require you to put some extra strength into the knob as you crank the lid open. Nonetheless, children who have already been exposed to kitchen chores can use these can openers.

What Are Its Benefits?

Safe to use: As mentioned earlier, the main benefits of using a Farberware is that it’s safe to use because it doesn't have a long blade.

Produces a dull edge on the lid: The can opener works by cutting into the lid without leaving any dents, which means that the lid comes off clean and doesn’t have any sharp edges.

Lasts longer than other can openers: With the materials used in its construction and with the minimal effort required to use it, you will surely use the can opener for some years.

Easy to clean: Since the can opener doesn't have crevices for food particles to stick in and has a tiny blade, you can quickly rinse it off or place it in the dishwasher.

Multipurpose: Not all can openers can open all types of cans, but the Farberware can opener can be used with thick cans, tall cans, small cans, and standardized can sizes. The handle is also crafted from non-slip materials which give you superior grip when you’re trying to open a tough can.

How to Use a Farberware Can Opener?

To use a Farberware can opener, place the chrome head into the side of the can. You then want to make sure that it’s secure and pushed directly into the can; if not, then the can will not open properly.

Next, press firmly and begin to crack open the lid of the can. This may take some effort, but not as much as you need when using other types of can openers. Crank the top until you finally have circled the top of the can and it pops off. Rinse the can opener off, and then you’re good to go.

How to Use a Farberware Can Opener and Why You Should Invest in One 2


There are various types of can openers, and each of them has their pros and cons, but the Farberware excels at opening cans safely and efficiently. They also tend to have a longer lifespan than electric or manual can openers because there are no long blades that get damaged or dented.

Farberware can openers also give you great value for your money since they can be used in multiple types and sizes of canned goods. The can opener also has superior grip than other styles because you’ll have to crank a bit harder to get the can opener to work. The good thing is that as long as you know how to use Farberware can openers, you would be fine.

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