How to Use a Can Opener with One Wheel

How to Use a Can Opener with One Wheel
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When you’re shopping for can openers, you may accidentally grab an older style which is called a one-wheel can opener. These can openers are extremely rare since many companies don’t make them anymore. If you don’t know what they look like, they are very similar to a pizza cutter, and the only difference is that there is a knob on the other side that will crank the blade as you try and open the can's lid.

A single-wheel can opener has a very sharp blade and is somewhat dangerous, so you should not let children operate it even if they have already been accustomed to can openers. For adults, you must have a steady hand to use it and for your safety, you should pay attention to the proper way of how to use a can opener with one wheel.

How Safe and Durable Are One-Wheel Can Openers?

We’re not going to lie and say that one-wheel can openers are 100% safe. Their main flaw is that they do tend to slip, especially if the blade is crafted from cheap materials. With that being said, they are relatively safe to use if they have a magnet. The magnet on these new models is located in the lid of the wheel so that it can help hold the can in place while you turn the wheel and cut through the rim of the can.

The general lifespan of one-wheel can openers is from one to three years. That will solely depend on the type of materials the wheel are made of. If your device is made from plastic, then you may notice that it will start to crack after a year or two of use.

The blade may also begin to bend if it isn’t crafted from durable metal, and you may also notice some rust after a few uses. This can be extremely hazardous especially when you’re placing the blade into your food.

Hence, when purchasing one, you want to make sure that the blade installed in the can opener is stainless steel or from an equally strong material. The rest of the can opener should be made of thick plastic or metal as this will ensure the longevity of the can opener.

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How to Use a Can Opener with One Wheel?

Whether you have accidentally or intentionally purchased a one-wheel can opener, they would be helpful in your kitchen since they can quickly and efficiently open a can that has a smooth lid. However, you should never use this type of can opener on big or thick lids because it will likely slip or get damaged. You must also take note that these can openers are only recommended for standard sized cans.

Below are the steps on how to successfully open a can with a one-wheel can opener:

Step #1: Preparing the Can and the Opener

The first step you need to take is to clean off the outside of the can and to make sure that the blade on the can opener is sharp. If it’s not sharp or clean, you may have to sharpen the blade with a knife sharpener.

Once it’s ready to go, you should place the can on an even surface and attempt to press the blade into the can. You need to put enough pressure on the lid of the can with the blade so that the blade punctures the cover.

Step#2: Positioning the Blade and Removing the Lid

The next step is to make sure that the blade is placed firmly on top of the lid. Once it’s placed, then you can continue to turn the knob on the can opener and continue to do this until the blade reaches around the entire lid. The lid will be very sharp so be sure to be careful when you're going to remove it.

The magnetic forces in the can opener may be able to lift the lid off once you’ve gotten done removing it. After this, you will have successfully opened and removed a lid using a single wheel can opener.

Step #3: Cleaning the Can Opener

Be sure to rinse off the can opener once you’re finished since these can openers have a tendency to get bacteria and food particles stuck inside its parts. You’ll also want to rinse off the blade and wipe it clean carefully. Also, be sure to keep your hands safe as the blade on these can openers are relatively sharp.

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Learning how to use how to use a can opener with one wheel isn’t that complicated since they work very similarly to the other types of can openers on the market. Just always make sure that the blade on the can opener is sharpened every few months. Also, keep the blade clean every after use. Lastly, if the stability of the can opener feels off, you may want to purchase a new one because these have a tendency to slip and slice your hands.

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