Elenest Electric Can Opener Review

Elenest Electric Can Opener Review
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Elenest Electric Can Opener: QUICK OVERVIEW


Value For Money



What We Like

  • Creates smooth edges
  • Automatic
  • Opens most can sizes
  • Hands-free operation

What We Don't Like

  • Requires multiple rounds before can opens

Opening a can used to require a very sharp can opener and brute strength, but now, there are can openers that make it easier than ever to pop open a lid in just a few quick seconds.

Electric can openers haven’t always had the best rep when it comes to being safe or secure to use, but thanks to advancements in kitchenware and gadgets there are now can openers that are safe and efficient.

Instead of investing in a traditional can opener which can be challenging to use, consider purchasing an electric one. Not only are they safe, but they are also easy to clean, and some are designed to be portable. Below, we have looked into one electric can opener to determine whether it works as it claims.

Elenest Electric Can Opener Review

The Elenest Electric Can Opener has a compact, sleek, and modern design, making it a great addition to any family kitchen. The unit is powered by two AA batteries and is designed to give you an easier time when opening different types of cans. Since the can opener is lightweight and portable, it can be brought during vacations or trips wherein you would be opening and cooking canned goods.

Who Is This Product For?

This product has been specially designed to be lightweight and efficient, which allows individuals who have arthritis to handle it without causing them any extra pain. It’s also useful for senior citizens because it doesn’t put any pressure on their wrist or joints when in use. You can set it down on a table, and it will automatically keep opening the can.

It’s practically designed to be used by anyone and seems perfect for any family as well as for individuals looking for a portable solution to opening cans such as campers, backpackers, and hikers.

What’s Included?

The only thing that’s included in the package when you purchase the Elenest Electric Can Opener is the can opener. Since the batteries are not included, you should prepare ahead of time and purchase two AA batteries.

Overview of Features

The Elenest Electric Can Opener is made of ABS plastic, can open cans with ease, and produces a fine smooth edge. This ensures that the unit is safe to use and won’t produce any jagged edges. The minimal, sleek, and one-button design makes it excellent for any family member to use.

The whole unit will keep cutting the lid as long as the clamp is pressed down on the can, which means that you technically don’t even have to hold it in your hands while it’s opening. With this can opener, you can open any sized can with this can opener, but be aware that larger cans will take a longer time to open because of the added circumference.

How to Use

To use this can opener you want to load it with two AA batteries first. Once you have the batteries loaded into the device, you can then clamp the device on top of the can. Press the button, and the device will start to cut around the top of the can. This process will keep going until it cuts in a full circle.

The device will still keep cutting even if the lid is cut off, so please be sure to turn it off. Then, carefully remove the lid from the can. You may want to use a butter knife or fork or else you may get food on your hands. To wash the can opener, dab the exterior and blades with a damp cloth.


While the Elenest Electric Can Opener is ideal for most cans, you may want one that can handle bigger cans and is longer lasting. We can recommend the BangRui Electric Can Opener to you.

This can opener is designed to cut a smooth edge and is easy to use to a point that you can use it hands-free if you’d like. The blades are crafted from stainless steel which ensures that the blade is long-lasting and durable. The unit cuts the lids on the side which means you can place the lid back on top of the can and store the food in the fridge.


No matter which one you choose, they are all designed to be lightweight, easy to use, and safe. Newer models of can openers are less bulky and portable, which means you can take them on camping or hiking trips. They are great for families or for individuals who have a hard time cranking the manual type of can openers.

The ergonomic style design of the Elenest Electric Can Opener makes it useful when you want to put it away, as it can fit into most drawers. Lastly, the unit is easy to clean as all you have to do wipe them down with a damp cloth. Electric can openers have come a long way, and we hope these units are useful to you.

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