Best Smooth Edge Can Openers: Your Top Choices

Best Smooth Edge Can Openers: Your Top Choices
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People these days seem to be interested in having the best smooth edge can opener as part of their kitchen tools. But not many are actually aware of the difference between this and the manual can opener.

The way smooth edge can openers work is that instead of cutting into the can’s lid, its metal wheel will pry under the lid’s outer lip. This will lift the entire top of the can and makes this tool safer as the lid has a smoother cut. The advantages are that the blade does not touch the food at all and you can simply wipe it with a towel to clean it.

We are certain by now you are intrigued with this product. So, if you are interested in purchasing one for yourself, we have reviewed three amazing smooth-edge can openers.

Best Smooth Edge Can Opener Reviews

Since safety is one of the most significant advantages of a smooth edge can opener, we decided to find ones that have the best build and are easy to use. We found three fantastic can openers which we are certain you will like. Let’s look at their features, pros, and cons.

1. Good Cook Safe Cut Can Opener

Good Cook is a brand that began its operations in 1987. The brand is all about service, quality, and value.

Their kitchenware products are available in more than 30,000 retail outlets throughout America, and they are considered to be the leader in drugstore and grocery trade with over 43% of the market. All of Good Cook’s products are well known for their excellent design and durability.


If you need an opener that does a great job, has excellent quality, and at the same time won’t break the bank, then we recommend you try out the Good Cook Safe Cut Can Opener. It has a brilliantly slim design which makes it easy to use.

With this can opener, you no longer need to be squeezing handles to grab the can since this one has a cutting mechanism which will latch on the second you start to turn it. Additionally, the opener's chrome loop will help in positioning the opener correctly to open the can.

This opener will unseal the side of the lid and thanks to that there will be no sharp edges left once you are done and no worrying about injuring yourself or having metal shards in your food. In terms of the can opener’s construction, it is built from heavy-duty chrome that is capable of being resistant to warping, breaking, staining, tarnishing, and even scratching.

That being said, we do have to admit that this can opener is not as capable of opening thicker cans. That’s where this opener seems to be lacking behind. But for its price, it does a fabulous job which we cannot complain about.


  • Made from durable materials
  • Quite safe to use
  • Has a simple design


  • Not the best option for thicker cans

2. Instecho Electric Can Opener

Instecho is a part of the Sofiawordwide Group of Companies, which was founded in Denmark in 2010. Wholesale Union, LLC is Sofiawordwide Group of Companies' official representative in the USA. This company sells its products through online shopping sites and its own website.


If you are looking for an automatic can opener, then we suggest you try out the Instecho Electric Can Opener. This automatic opener comes with a sharp blade which is recessed safely inside the opener. This is a great feature since it will prevent any accidental cut to yourself when you use it or are searching for this opener in your drawer or cabinet.

The opener has a straightforward design. All you need to do is position it on the can’s rim between the metal gear and the blade. The metal gear will guide the can’s rim through the opener so that it can move in a full circle all by itself.

What’s better is that once you are done opening the can, the can opener will lift the lid with it since it comes with a magnet attached at the bottom. Thanks to this, you no longer need to fish for the can's lid with your fingers.

The opener is battery operated, so you will need two AA batteries. This opener’s design is different from its predecessors since the battery cartridge has a plastic sheet which does a great job at stabilizing the installed batteries.

To use this opener, you need to simply use the one-touch on-and-off switch. Press down to turn it on, and up to turn it off.


  • Works on two AA batteries
  • Works automatically
  • Very simple to use


  • Not the sharpest blade
  • Will require to use it more than once to open the can, at times

3. Zulu Quality Handheld Manual Can Opener

Zulu Quality is a kitchen supply company that focuses on products with high quality, great style, unique function, and most importantly great value. The company is based in Florida, USA, and their goal is to offer their consumers products with a better design and function than the typical ones on the market right now.


The Zulu Quality Handheld Manual Can Opener has a stainless steel and silicone construction along with a single-handle design. It uses modern safety can opener technology to unseal a can lid, which results in a neater and smoother edge. The can opener has a durable silicone and stainless steel built, and is completely dishwasher safe.

The can opener comes with a friction wheel which holds the can. With this opener, it makes no contact with the food inside the can.

Additionally, since it leaves a smooth edge, you no longer have to be worried about injuring yourself or worrying about pieces of metal going into the food. This opener works on all types of cans including oval, pop-top, and rounded rectangle. It also works well on small and large cans.


  • Made from durable materials
  • Can open different types of cans
  • Dishwasher safe


  • Requires some amount of muscle


Those are the three best smooth edge can openers on the market right now. All of them have excellent built and are highly durable. Between these three, we preferred the Zulu Quality Handheld Manual Can Opener. This opener is quite sturdy, it is capable of opening multiple types of cans and best of all, it is completely dishwasher safe. We suggest that you definitely give this one a try.

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